VAVI One Cup

VAVI One Cup

- Make well-nourished Nurungji just by pouring water!
- Super-simple Nurungji product which doesn't need other cooking process or separate container! VAVI One Cup Nurungji!
- Full and easy treat with low-calorie Nurungji!

VAVI One Cup Brown Rice

- VAVI One Cup Nurungji, sending missing taste made with traditional way of cooking!
- VAVI One Cup Brown Rice Nurungji, well-nourished and taste with healthy brown rice!
- Fulfil energy with simple Nurungji food even cook with cold water!

VAVI One Cup Five Grains

- Nurungji product which can enjoy whenever wherever simply!
- VAVI One Cup Red Bean Plus, variety of flavors with rice, barley, oats, red bean and black rice!
- You can feel taste of home by cooking with traditional way.

VAVI One Cup Black

- Super-simple Nurungji product even cooking with cold water!
- VAVI One Cup Black Nurungji, plentiful nutrition with black rice!
- Product manufactured in safely and sanitary in certified facility.

VAVI One Cup Barley

- Dependable food which made from local rice!
- VAVI One Cup Barley Nurungji, more savory adding barley and oats!
- Good to bring when outdoor activity like climbing and camping.