SANMARU Nurungji

SANMARU Nurungji

- Nurungji products which can meet mother's taste by made with traditional way of manufacture!
- Our food made with 100% Korean rice.
- Can take as for a simple meal in busy morning and snack.

SANMARU Brown Rice Nurungji

- Dependable safe food made in HACCP certified facility!
- Brown rice Nurunggi become richer in taste and nutrition by adding brown rice to Korean rice.
- Better taste with many recipe like Nurungji soup or noodle.

Nurungji with Barley

- Nurungji products which is more savory by adding nourishing barley to local rice grown in Jeonbuk Iksan.
- Dependable safe food made with traditional way of manufacture in certrified facility.
- Enjoy with many ways like crispy snack or with water for a simple meal!

Oats Nurungji with Black Rice

- Dependable safe food made with Korean local grains!
- Nurungji products which made with black rice, black food and oats, super food.
- It has simple and convenience cooking way with both boiled water and cold water.